Heated Warehouse Space, Manufacturing Space, Light Industrial, Industrial

Saybrook Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio (Northeast Ohio)

Quick Note: In addition to the material presented on this site, Iten Plant 3 is also for sale or rent.

Iten Plant 3 is 36,575 square feet, but that figure does not include the office or truckwell sections. The actual square footage available is 39,396.

There is an additional 7.12 acres associated with this property to the west that is made up of approximately 17 small parcels. Over the past seven years, we have made over $150K in improvements to the property.

If interested, please contact Bill Kane at our main number: 440-997-6134.

Plant 4 Information
Our Industrial zoned property (also known as Iten Plant 4) is available as heated warehouse space, manufacturing Space, or industrial usage. The heated building is 232,000 square feet in total size with 140,000 square feet available. The building sits on 45 acres. Although not currently served by rail, the site is rail accessible via the CSX railroad system. We are located on Ohio Route 20, with access to Interstate 90 about eight miles away at I-90 exit 223.

We have four drive-in doors and six loading docks, full service gas, electric, water, and sewer. The 140,000 square feet available was most recently used as warehouse space, but it is properly zoned for manufacturing space, light industrial, or industrial usage.

We are located in Saybrook Township in Ashtabula County Ohio. Saybrook Township, located in Northeast Ohio, is cooperative in accomodating new businesses to the area. Additional incentives may be available from the Ashtabula County government.